C6 - Working With Commercial Invoices

This version (C6) is only conducted in-house.

Refer to D11 for the full-day public version of this course.


This course is a 3.5-hour half-day look at the Commercial Invoice.

The course deals with how to correctly structure the invoice to allow for;

Customs Valuation Terms
On Carriage Costs
Discounts and Commissions
Intangibles, Royalties
Finance Fees
Recoverable Taxes
Samples, Returns and Warranties

Why should you not see an Incoterms Rule on an Invoice?
What are the implications of Fictitious Values?
Why would you not put Payment Terms on a Commercial Invoice.
This is an excellent forum for questions and answers working though the company’s own commercial invoice formats and experiences.

This course is only available as an in-house event;

 email phill@freighttraining.co.za to enquire further.