C1 - The SA VAT Act & Exporting

This version (C1) is only conducted in-house.

Refer to D4 for the full-day public version of this course.

This course is a 4-hour, half-day look at the New Export Regulation R.316 with regard to exporting from SA, as well as the fundamentals of zero-rated export supplies.

This is an interactive course and an excellent forum for questions & answers. The course also addresses export Exchange Control issues around the UCR system.

Indirect exports are in most instances subject to VAT at the standard rate. However, there are opportunities where the vendor may elect to zero-rate the supply of the movable goods, subject to certain requirements.

We will also look at when the vendor may raise their invoices in foreign currencies and when they may not. Importantly, the requirements for documentary compliance are covered in detail.

This course is only available as an in-house event;

 email phill@freighttraining.co.za to enquire further.