BPI - Best Practice: Import

This event is only conducted in-house.

This is a high-energy four-hour session which works best if the room comprises Management / Finance / Operations / Procurement; not everybody, but the key players from each budget area.

The optimum is about 12-15 people in the room.

Working with a white board or flip chart and the co-operation of the participants, we draw up a model or a structure of the company’s ‘current practice’.

In this process, we uncover the ‘challenges’ around Exchange Control, VAT, Customs and contracts etc. Once we have this exposed, we can start to build ‘Best Practice” models – on the understanding that nothing physically must change i.e. the way you physically operate is not restricted, but rather how you may better administer and price the models correctly – meaning ‘legally’ first and foremost.

The ‘trick’ is to accept that ‘the fish dies from the head down’ and if you can get the four budgets to understand ‘why’ the models are the models, they can then impose these standards in their area – ensuring compliance and a consistency of purpose i.e. no one department going off doing their own thing.

Little is achieved unless all four components are on-board and nothing is achieved if the models must trickle upwards – they must become imposed practices, hence the need to get the key players in the room.

This course is only available as an in-house event;

 email phill@freighttraining.co.za to enquire further.