DX4 - VAT for the Logistics Professional

This is a full day course looking at the VAT position for supplies of services made by Clearing Agents, Freight Forwarders and Carriers or consolidators

What rate of VAT is applied to the following models;
Import forwarding “release” only;
Import forwarding “release” without clearing, but freight collect;
Import forwarding combined with clearing;
Import Clearing only;
Export Clearing only;
Export forwarding combined with clearing, freight prepaid;

...and all the combinations in between when the client may be another SA vendor or a non-resident principal.

What is the significance of the house bill in the above?
How should you handle Finance Fees under the various rates of VAT?
We will also consider the Logistics service-providers' Exchange Control position when the underlying model is Merchanting (or ‘cross-trade’).
We’ll be looking at the specific clauses in the VAT Act which cover the logistics industry along with the text of the applicable Interpretation Note which determines which documents must be retained to support the various positions which may arise.

This course is only available as an in-house event;

email phill@freighttraining.co.za to enquire further.