Wallcharts and Books

01 Trading Words & Phrases

The 5th Edition of the Freight Training trade dictionary. A comprehensive reference work which may be used by any participant in trade or trade-related services. Authoritative and clearly expressed, the dictionary is used worldwide to bring certainty to many complex trade terms. 163pp, A4 format: R550.00 each plus VAT

02 ICC Incoterms (R) 2010

Produced under licence, the local A4 version of ICC publication No. 715E, being the Incoterms rules for the use of domestic and international trade terms, used worldwide to bring clarity and certainty to several key components of an international sales contract. The ring-bound, high-format version is a full rendering of the official text. R325.00 each plus VAT

03 Marine Insurance Claims

A flow diagram geared towards import insurance claims, and the correct process to follow in the event of suspected or actual loss of or damage to the goods. A simple approach in a step-by-step progression, directing the user right up to and including the pro-forma claim process. Size A0, laminated: R325.00 each plus VAT.

04 Commercial Terms Overview

This wallchart provides a compact overview of the ICC’s Incoterms ® 2010 rules, and discusses the correct usage of the terms, indicating their equivalent customs valuation names and payment conditions, allowing the user to synchronise risks across the multiple areas of a given trading model. Size A0, laminated: R285.00 each plus VAT.

05 Incoterms (R) 2010 Diagram

The best-selling flow diagram to be used in conjunction with the official text of the ICC’s Incoterms ® 2010 rules. The chart comprises of step-by-step questions which simply and effectively ‘name’ a given contract allowing the user to contemplate the variables in any International Trade model. Size A0, laminated: R285.00 each plus VAT.

06 Commercial Invoices

A wallchart for importers and exporters which explains the key components of the customs valuation process, and illustrates the optimum layout of a commercial invoice for customs purposes, with guidance notes on intangibles, royalties, discounts and the common adjustments in trade values. Size A0, laminated: R285.00 each plus VAT.

07 The SA VAT Act & Exports

This flow diagram for exporters summarises Export Regulation R.316 for elective zero-rating of Indirect Exports, as well as Interpretation Note 30(3) for Direct Exports. It explains the variable VAT positions in a simple flow and provides guidance on time-scales and documentary compliance. Size A0, laminated: R325.00 each plus VAT.

08 UCP600 & ISBP 745

ICC publications No. 745E PLUS the A4 format of the UCP600. The ISBP is the ICC International Banking Practice for the interpretation of the UCP 600, used universally by banks to bring clarity and certainty the operation of the documentary credit (L/C) under the UCP (also included). Total R725.00 plus VAT .