Trading Words & Phrases

This is the 6th Edition of the Best-Selling reference work Trading Words & Phases. In this expanded edition, the subject of Commercial Terms has been addressed in a wholly new section entitled A Commercial Terms Companion.

The new addition to this well known and highly regarded Trade Dictionary explores the origin and development of Commercial Terms and includes the full text of the ICC’s Incoterms ® 2020 rules, along with the American Foreign Trade Definitions, the current Uniform Commercial Code Foreign Trade Definitions as well as the Warsaw-Oxford rules for c.i.f. contracts, resulting in a rare reference work on the subject.

The Companion also includes 50 pages of Questions and detailed Answers related to Commercial Terms and trade issues in general. To obtain a proforma quote use the application form on the right.

450 pages of text – a unique resource – couriered nationwide – branding opportunities available.
R1,375.00 plus VAT and courier fees.