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In House Training Sessions & Workshops

In essence I sell ‘time’ – so whatever you wish to put into that time is your call, provided it is within my skill set. To give you some ideas on topics;

Export VAT – Commercial Terms – Incoterms –  Documentary Credits (L/Cs) – Exchange Controls – Contract Terms – Projects – Merchanting – Import Models – Export Models – Logistics: VAT & Exchange Controls – Best Practice

A full day runs 08h45 to 16h15 however we can start and end earlier or later as you require. A standard fee is quoted for the full day, and once greed payment is due 7-days prior to the event date.

Have a think about the subjects you would like to cover and contact me, using the form to the right. The upper limit for delegates is 20, I would say the optimum size for interaction and engagement is around 12-15.

Together, we can work out an agenda of topics and times, but clearly the more topics added then the less time is available to cover them, so be careful. Often, it is a case of “less is more”, but you will know your colleagues better than I do.

Once we have the subjects, we can look at a suitable date.


Consulting is charged per hour, with a minimum of 2-hours. This is not a training program, and is limited to 3 attendees. In a consultation we go over specific issues – either future projects or past complications. The contact service is only offered in Gauteng, however I do offer shorter online-support sessions via Teams or Zoom (etc.,) nationwide. 

If you are unsure, contact me.


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